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Reverse telephone look up is a service that matches telephone numbers with identity information. It is also known as a use reverse telephone lookup - it workscrisscross directory or reverse telephone directory.  In the past, this service was only used by police departments and emergency agencies to trace a callers identity and address. But now that the world is fast changing to a technologically advanced society, with a simple search on the web, telephone numbers and detailed information can readily be traced.

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There are many reasons why a reverse phone number look up is needed. The most common is phone numbers that are not listed being found on someone’s spouse’s phone. That would really trigger some jealousy. By using this service, one can just look up for the unknown phone number and then easily find out the name and address of the owner. Another use of the service is to trace telemarketers’ boring and annoying calls that disturb you every single day. Because you would want to end receiving such calls, you can readily acquire all the information you would need to report them. And if for some unknown reason, there are calls at night from prank calls to death threats; it is very helpful to use this type of service so you will know their identity. You’ll be protecting you and your family.

Public demand  is the reason why reverse telephone lookup even became available on the internet. There was a need to know and identify callers, be they harmful or not. There are many websites that offer people this service. Some are free and some require a small access fee. The ones that are free can only trace regular telephone calls. But because the world has adopted a lot of technology, most prank calls and even some telemarketers switched to using cell phones or unlisted numbers. And to trace these will require a minimal fee. This is where paid reverse telephone look up comes in.

With all the advantages, this service also has some downfalls. It seems like everyone can readily know you, your number and even your address. And though it can help you track down some disturbing people, it also invites more disturbing people to trace you and gain access to your private life. So to make this service give people more help than harm, many websites that offer reverse telephone look up also offer the ability for you to have your information removed from their database. If you are being harassed this may be an option you want to consider.

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Enter the number in the search field and click search

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