Reverse Telephone Look Up and the steps to solving the Mystery of your Partners weird behavior

Example: 555-555-5555

Reverse Telephone Look Up

Has your partner been acting strange lately? A reverse telephone look up can help I am going to give you a plan of action to find out what you can on the internet. If you suspect that you have a problem and need a bit more evidence I will show you what to do to get the evidence you need. When you find out your relationship will either get better (eventually) or be over. Either one of those scenarios is better than living in a lame duck situation with a mystery hanging over your head.

Reverse Telephone Look UpSo the first step is to actually write down what it is that is different. Why write it down? Because it will help you organize your suspicions. If you have all these things in ink on paper it will make it so you can see what is valid and what isn’t. Also it gets it out of your mind and that alone can help you to think more clearly. Have you had a situation where you have so many pieces to the puzzle that you can’t remember all the items that are bugging you. Getting them on paper will help. Really. ( It can also be done with wordpad, but I do recommend printing it out )

Next you will gather some information that may be difficult to come by, or not. This step is crucial to doing a reverse telephone look up.  If you have regular access to your partners cell phone this will be easier. You need to know what numbers have been called and what numbers are calling in. This can sometimes be done with the bill and sometimes you need the actual phone in your hand. I don’t like being sneaky but sometimes you need more info than is being handed out freely. If you think they are sneaking some afternoon delights without you, then you just looking at the cell phone records is a far less damaging act.

O.K., so now you have written down your suspicions and they look valid. You have collected at least 1 suspicious phone number and you need to check it out. First go to the 2 main free reverse look up sites. They are on the right under Free Reverse Lookup Links. Check the number there first. Then go to a regular search engine and plug the number in with “quotation marks” around it and hit search. If neither of those options return anything you still have a 91% chance of getting the number with the right reverse telephone look up service.

My top recommendation for that is Phone Detective. To use their service just type in the number in one of the search boxes on this page and click the search button. It really will take just a few minutes and you can get on with planning the rest of your life when this mystery is solved.

Reverse Telephone Look Up – Do it  Here – Do it Now

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