Example: 555-555-5555

Other Reverse Cell Lookup Services

I have recently updated this page with what I feel are OK companies to do business with. I do not feel they are the best but some people want other choices. My Top Recommendation is still Phone Detective and here is the

#1 link once again:

Phone Detective

The next company is pretty good. I don't know how they are with refunds for bad searches as I don't have enough people using them to get accurate numbers. Reverse Phone Detective is running right at 91% accurate for my customers. Here is the

#2 link:

Cell Phone Registry

This one has a slightly smaller database so they may have a lower accuracy rate but they are still close to the others listed above. I don't think you would have any trouble just a 6 to 10 percent less chance of getting the right info. Here is the

#3 link:

Phone Number Scan

The fourth choice is about the same as number three. Again, a decent company with a good size database of cellphone numbers just not of the same caliber as the top 2. They are good and I don't think using them is detrimental so here is that

#4 link:

USA PhoneLookup

This last link is for the site others are advertising as a 99 cent search. As explained in one of my articles there is a catch. Its a bit tricky and that's the main reason I wouldn't use this site. My top choice is still Reverse Phone Detective because they have the biggest database, they are straight forward and won't hook you into any recurring fees. With this link if you go for the 99 cent deal you will be automatically signed up for a $20 per month program that you don't really need.  I only add this for the curious. I don't like their tactics.

Link #5

Intellius for Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

More to be added later.

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