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My name is Leiif. I am an avid outdoor person, gardener, sourdough baker, hiker and future beekeeper.

I first had trouble with malicious phone calls a couple of years ago. It can actually be a major pain in the neck when an unknown caller harasses you and your wife at all hours of the day and night. After changing our number and having a bit of relief for a couple months it all started again. That is when I just had to find out who owned that number. Once I had their info and confronted them with a possible restraining order we got permanent relief. It really does only take a few minutes when you use a great service.

Thank you for using my site.

Best regards,


P.S. The dogs name was Umi.

That was a few years ago in Northern California. I am now in Wisconsin hoping to find a good piece of land to build a farm on.

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