How a Cell Number Lookup can Help You

by Leiif ~ October 18th, 2009

So you need to do a

Cell Number Lookup

Are you getting too many unwanted calls? Are they from numbers you don’t recognize? Maybe its the same caller over and over. Are they interrupting your evenings and not leaving a message, ever? Maybe its just this 1 number on your telephone, or your spouses, that is bugging you. Whatever the type of call, or however many it is, you can do a cell number lookup and find out who it is without anyone knowing and without calling the number yourself.

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Cell Number Lookup

There are cell number directory sites that can perform searches of landlines and cell phones. Using a cell number lookup site does require that you have the number as shown in the history or on your caller ID. That is all you need to begin your investigation without the embarrassment of calling someone you don’t know, or worse yet, your partners cheat. Its better to find these things out without the caller knowing. A cell number lookup can be done with numbers from the “dialed calls” list as well as the “received calls” and “missed calls” lists.

Most likely the number you are looking for is not in the public records, such as regular directories. Unlisted and cellular numbers are not divulged without paying for access. Cell number reverse lookup companies purchase the rights to the databases of cellular service providers. So if you need to do a reverse cell number lookup you will be charged a small fee. This is because the companies offering cell phone number lookup have to pay for access to the listings themselves, and so they naturally pass this cost on to the consumer. They usually offer several levels of service including unlimited access on an annual basis. This can end up the most cost effective program if there are more than a couple of numbers you need to check.

Finding the owner of a number with a reverse cell phone number search is quick an efficient once you know where to go. So get the information you need and end the mysteries.

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The Best Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

by Leiif ~ October 18th, 2009

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Your Hunt is Over

Just TYPE the NUMBER in the box ABOVE

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Best reverse cell phone lookup

Are you trying to catch a cheating spouse or maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend and you just need a bit of hard evidence? Have you been hunting the internet for a free reverse cell phone lookup? I don’t mean to be harsh but – Give it Up! The “free” offers are a joke. Almost every single one of them lead you to a paid reverse cell phone search site. And the 99 cent deal, come on, they hook you into a recurring fee of almost 20 bucks. Ever try and cancel one of those? If you’re trying to lookkup mobile number s  you’ve seen them, maybe even gotten as far as putting in that number, and then they say its going to cost. Well I won’t do that.

If you want to do a reverse cell phone lookup free, listen up. You have a chance, it’s slim, but it happens. Just use a regular search engine, you know, Google, Yahoo whatever. Type in the number, including the area code and put quotation marks around it like this—> “555-333-1234″ . Then hit the search button. If you are lucky the number will show up and maybe even have the info you want. Amazingly some of the cheaters out there also use their cellphone for other business that gets on the web.

So what do you do when that doesn’t work? Well it is best to find a reputable company that has an enormous and well-maintained database. the second part of that equation is VERY important because it doesn’t matter if they have 200 million numbers if they are outdated. Uunfortunately there are good ones and not so good ones.That is why I recommend Phone Detective, they are one of the good ones. The better services provide an initial search to see if the number is in their current list. If you are being cheated on the last thing you want is a cheapo company to cheat on you too. It would be great if there was a good free reverse cell phone number lookup service but it doesn’t look good for that at this time.

Suppose you were positive the person in question was using Sprint for their cellphone.  So you type in Sprint Reverse Cell Phone Lookup into a search engine. Will that get you a cell phone directory? Reverse lookup is a little more complicated than that but not much. Once you type a number in one of the search boxes here and click search you will go to the preliminary search page. If you have 2 numbers to check it is a toss-up which plan is better. If you have 3 just go for the annual plan and you will be better off.

What you get with a quality company is a report with the name, address, service provider and even a map much of the time. Of course there are other reasons that you might need this service. Maybe you think someone is stalking your teenage daughter and checking some suspicious numbers would definitely help there. Could be you are getting harassed through your phone. Whatever the reason use an established company with a good reputation to search cell phone numbers.


Just TYPE the NUMBER in the box ABOVE

Then click SEARCH


Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Reverse Telephone Lookup

by Leiif ~ September 1st, 2009

Use a Quality

Reverse Telephone Lookup

Get started by typing the number in question in the box above

Then click the search button

You need  to understand something about doing a reverse telephone lookup . Reverse phone number listings are not public information, in most cases. One reason for this is the telecommunications companies providing privacy for their customers. That is a major difference between home phones and mobiles. With a home phone number you have to pay extra to be unlisted. With a cell phone that is always the case. Another huge difference between mobile phones and home lines is that regular phones only charge people for some outgoing calls, there is a lot more privacy offered to cellular users because of the costs they would have to deal with if their number was easily accessible. It could get very expensive for an owner of a cell phone if telemarketers were getting cell numbers as easily as they do a regular land line numbers.

Because of the low percentage of paying clients generated from telemarketing Reverse Telephone Lookupefforts these companies cannot afford to pay for access to all the cell numbers. However, the cost is reasonable for regular customers, as they are generally only searching for several numbers at a time and are willing to pay to get needed information. This has lead to the creation of Reverse Telephone Look up services that provide individuals access to their databases.

Remember telephone directories? You know those big thick books with white and yellow pages. At one time they were used by everyone. Then it was a simple matter to find a number.  You also used to have dial-up services with live support.  You remember that don’t you? When you got a real person that lived in your own country on the other end of the line?  It was simple to get the numbers you needed then. So many people are now using cell phones that it is a different situation if you need to do a reverse telephone search. But if you have a computer you can find a phone number and it is easy. All you need to do is enter a cell number in one of the search boxes on this page and push the search button. One can discover who the number belongs to quicker than it would take with the heavy tome. I recommend using a paid service like Phone Detective for reverse telephone lookup because they are the leader and because of the following. This info is from an internal page on their site:

  • provides access to high-quality data with a high-frequency of matches.
    Nobody has 100% of numbers, and any claims otherwise simply aren’t true.
  • has a unique advantage by merging multiple different data sources to deliver more comprehensive results
    (other services may use data from just a single source, thus limiting their coverage).
  • provides a 100% money-back guarantee with 7-day a week email and toll-free phone support.
    We fully stand behind our product.
  • provides free, instant, and online opt-out.
    If users don’t want to be part of our database, they can remove themselves in a few easy clicks. We’re currently the only vendor on Clickbank which provides online phone number opt-out.
  • is committed to providing quality services in an honest and ethical fashion.
    We treat our customers and affiliates like we want to be treated.

Reverse Telephone Lookup

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Currently there is no free cell phone number directory with a large database because it would completely remove the privacy of customers using mobile phones.  Also it costs money and time to set up the databases and make them searchable. You can search cell phone numbers easily with a quality service. If you have serious reasons for needing the name of someone this is the best way to do a reverse telephone lookup.

Reverse Telephone Lookup – video

by Leiif ~ August 20th, 2009

Reverse Telephone Lookup

This video was posted at a second tier video site as a, Reverse telephone look up video I made a few weeks back. Testing wordpress and the video plugin on this reverse telephone look up piece. It actually views better in the other post. The video site it was originally posted to had some less than general audience videos showing thumbnails after mine finished. So I pulled it from there and just redid the feed from youtube. I hope it wasn’t anyone you know or suspect in those other videos. If you need some info to catch a cheater type a suspect number in the box above and CLICK SEARCH.

So do your

Reverse Telephone Lookup here

P.S. expand the video to full screen to be able to see it easily

Find who the Phone Number Belongs to…video

by Leiif ~ July 7th, 2009

Need to find who a

Phone Number Belongs to?

Here is my first short video about phone number look up. I set this site up to help you find phone number listings with reverse Phone Detective. They recently changed their name and dropped the reverse from the name so now they go by Phone Detective. So if you are asking “Whose phone number is this?” , you are in the right place.

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Reverse Cell LookUp Video

by Leiif ~ June 29th, 2009

Reverse Cell Lookup

Below you will find a short  video about cell lookups. If you have been scouring the internet looking for a reverse cell phone number look up your search is over. No false promises here just crucial information. If you have suspicions but feel like a wounded duck then you need unbelievably devastating evidence. Don’t be helpless when the easy-to-implement resource is right here at your fingertips. Astonish the bandit with some cold hard facts. Maybe you tried the verizon reverse cell lookup and were disappointed because it seemed like you might get the reverse cell number search for free. Even they aren’t above leading you on.

Just click on the play button and then get the info.

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The Best Reverse Cell Phone Look Up – Find out if You are Ontrack in your search

by Leiif ~ June 6th, 2009

To find the best reverse cell phone look up company you want to locate one that is established and reputable. There are some scams out there and you do not want to waste your effort or resources on those. This article is one of the things that can help you track down a reliable company.

A reputable company is going to have a large information source, also known as a database. The database will be derived from both private and public sources. They will be willing to tell you how many sources they used in order to create their database. Of course they won’t give you the database, but they will allow access to it.

A company that will tell you the information your report may contain is the next item you want look for. Usually you will get the full name of the person you are looking for, the service provider (this can be important in certain legal cases), the address, and possibly an address history. Sometimes you will even be provided with a map to the owners home or billing address.

Don’t trust a company that isn’t in the top 10 of the industry. You want information that is recent and useful and a reputable company is the only way to make sure you get the info you need. Reconsider your choice if they are claiming they give out a calling history as this is typically not available without a warrant.

For the best reverse cell phone look up company you need to look over specific details carefully. Consider the advice given here when deciding on the right company for your safety and quality of information.

You can do it all right here. Just type in the number at the top and click SEARCH. Check it out!!!

Lookup Cell Phone Owner Name

by Leiif ~ May 30th, 2009

So you Want a

Cell Phone Directory

Assistance Number


You can Lookup Cell Phone Owner Name

by using a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service

  • Find the owners Name
  • Service Provider – for harassment calls this could be important
  • Get the address
  • They may even provide a Map
  • Takes less than a minute
  • End the Mystery

Just type in the Number in the space Above, Hit Search and you are on your way