Cell Number Lookup

by Leiif ~ April 12th, 2011

Cell Number Lookup

Don’t wait until your children have new siblings that are only half related. Use a cell number lookup now.
cell number lookup
Are you receiving a lot of unsolicited calls? Do you recognize every number in question? Is it the same number over and over. Are they disturbing your evenings and not leaving a message, ever? It could just be one particular number that you want to know about. It doesn’t matter what kind of call it is, or how many, you can use a cell number lookup and get information about the owner without anyone knowing and you won’t have to call the number either.

With a cell phone directory site you can perform information searches easily. The only requirement is that you have the number in question available for checking. This can be found in the history on your caller id or on your cell phone. It could be a bit of data on your spouses phone. This way you can start your investigation without an embarrassing situation such as calling someone you suspect to be your spouses secret on the side. It is preferable to gather this knowledge without the caller knowing.  Be sure and check  the numbers from the “dialed calls” list as well as the “received calls” and “missed calls” lists on the phone in question.

In 93% of cases a cell number lookup will get you the results you want

Make sure you use a company that has a guarantee if the numbers records are not accurate.

In almost all cases the number you are looking for is not out in the public, such as a white pages directory. Unlisted and cell numbers are not freely available. Reverse lookup companies purchase the information in the databases of cellular service companies as well as digging through public records. So when you want to do a reverse cell number lookup you will be charged a small amount. I am not going to tell you there is free cell number lookup and then disappoint you by sending you to a site that charges for the service. It is just the facts that in order to get quality info you will need to pay a small amount.

The reason for this is as stated, the companies offering reverse number searches have to pay for access to the listings themselves, and so they, of course, pass this cost on to the consumer. There are several service choices including unlimited access on an annual basis. This can be the most cost effective route if there are more than two numbers you need to check.

Finding the owner of a number with a reverse cell phone number search is quick an efficient once you know where to go. This is the place. So get the information you need and end the mysteries.

Do your Cell Number Lookup by filling in the box at the top and click search.

The Demand for Reverse Telephone Look Up

by Leiif ~ July 22nd, 2010

Reverse Telephone Look Up

Gets answers to your questions

Reverse telephone look up is a service that matches telephone numbers with identity information. It is also known as a use reverse telephone lookup - it workscrisscross directory or reverse telephone directory.  In the past, this service was only used by police departments and emergency agencies to trace a callers identity and address. But now that the world is fast changing to a technologically advanced society, with a simple search on the web, telephone numbers and detailed information can readily be traced.

Do a Reverse Telphone Look Up

Enter the number in the search box and click SEARCH

There are many reasons why a reverse phone number look up is needed. The most common is phone numbers that are not listed being found on someone’s spouse’s phone. That would really trigger some jealousy. By using this service, one can just look up for the unknown phone number and then easily find out the name and address of the owner. Another use of the service is to trace telemarketers’ boring and annoying calls that disturb you every single day. Because you would want to end receiving such calls, you can readily acquire all the information you would need to report them. And if for some unknown reason, there are calls at night from prank calls to death threats; it is very helpful to use this type of service so you will know their identity. You’ll be protecting you and your family.

Public demand  is the reason why reverse telephone lookup even became available on the internet. There was a need to know and identify callers, be they harmful or not. There are many websites that offer people this service. Some are free and some require a small access fee. The ones that are free can only trace regular telephone calls. But because the world has adopted a lot of technology, most prank calls and even some telemarketers switched to using cell phones or unlisted numbers. And to trace these will require a minimal fee. This is where paid reverse telephone look up comes in.

With all the advantages, this service also has some downfalls. It seems like everyone can readily know you, your number and even your address. And though it can help you track down some disturbing people, it also invites more disturbing people to trace you and gain access to your private life. So to make this service give people more help than harm, many websites that offer reverse telephone look up also offer the ability for you to have your information removed from their database. If you are being harassed this may be an option you want to consider.

The answers are only a few clicks away

Enter the number in the search field and click search

Reverse Telephone Look Up and the steps to solving the Mystery of your Partners weird behavior

by Leiif ~ July 20th, 2010

Reverse Telephone Look Up

Has your partner been acting strange lately? A reverse telephone look up can help I am going to give you a plan of action to find out what you can on the internet. If you suspect that you have a problem and need a bit more evidence I will show you what to do to get the evidence you need. When you find out your relationship will either get better (eventually) or be over. Either one of those scenarios is better than living in a lame duck situation with a mystery hanging over your head.

Reverse Telephone Look UpSo the first step is to actually write down what it is that is different. Why write it down? Because it will help you organize your suspicions. If you have all these things in ink on paper it will make it so you can see what is valid and what isn’t. Also it gets it out of your mind and that alone can help you to think more clearly. Have you had a situation where you have so many pieces to the puzzle that you can’t remember all the items that are bugging you. Getting them on paper will help. Really. ( It can also be done with wordpad, but I do recommend printing it out )

Next you will gather some information that may be difficult to come by, or not. This step is crucial to doing a reverse telephone look up.  If you have regular access to your partners cell phone this will be easier. You need to know what numbers have been called and what numbers are calling in. This can sometimes be done with the bill and sometimes you need the actual phone in your hand. I don’t like being sneaky but sometimes you need more info than is being handed out freely. If you think they are sneaking some afternoon delights without you, then you just looking at the cell phone records is a far less damaging act.

O.K., so now you have written down your suspicions and they look valid. You have collected at least 1 suspicious phone number and you need to check it out. First go to the 2 main free reverse look up sites. They are on the right under Free Reverse Lookup Links. Check the number there first. Then go to a regular search engine and plug the number in with “quotation marks” around it and hit search. If neither of those options return anything you still have a 91% chance of getting the number with the right reverse telephone look up service.

My top recommendation for that is Phone Detective. To use their service just type in the number in one of the search boxes on this page and click the search button. It really will take just a few minutes and you can get on with planning the rest of your life when this mystery is solved.

Reverse Telephone Look Up – Do it  Here – Do it Now

Reverse Phone Lookup | 5 reasons you might need one

by Leiif ~ March 10th, 2010

So you have several phone numbers that you want to run a

Reverse Phone Lookup


Unfortunately, you discovered the numbers are unlisted and most likely cell phone numbers. You’ll need to use specialized reverse phone lookup service. These companies operate by purchasing access to subscriber databases building their own databases from public records and compiling it all into a searchable mode. When they combine all these different sources of information they end up with a an enormous database containing over 90% of all phone numbers in the US. The database will include land lines, unlisted numbers, business numbers and cell phone numbers.


reverse phone lookup spySome of the agreements they reach with the phone companies prevent these companies from providing the information for free. Also some of the data costs them money to collect and compile. So by charging a small fee they try and recoup some of their expenses.

As of late reverse phone lookup companies and their services have become quite popular.

It’s estimated that over 50,000 people search for a an unknown number every day. There are many reasons that you may need to use a service like this. It could be you are suspicious of your partner. Maybe you have any an idiot that keeps calling you over and over. Maybe you need to do some checking up on your children. It could be that you want to trace old friends. There are many reasons someone might need to use reverse phone lookups. Of course the number one reason is trying to catch a scoundrel. No matter what it is that’s usually what you’re after, some sort of creep. Although some people do use reverse telephone lookup for business purposes and to keep track of customers or anyone else that calls into their business.

Type the number in one of the search boxes and get the info

It is possible that you could find a number just by using a search engine and looking on the web. Many times however you will find only the number and not who owns it. People’s phone numbers end up on the Internet for many reasons maybe they ran an ad in the paper. But even if they did most likely you won’t get all the information that you want. When you do this just be sure and put in the entire number surrounded by quotation marks and then hit search.

If that doesn’t get you the information you want then you need to use a quality service. Quality does not mean expensive, the fees are very reasonable. Don’t waste a tremendous amount of time searching for reverse phone lookup free because they are usually just portals for paid services.

I have all the best Reverse Phone Lookup services right here on this site. Check it out !!!

How to Trace A Number

by Leiif ~ December 29th, 2009

How to Trace A Number

And The Top Reason you would need to – Catching a Cheater

Have you noticed how much news time is spent covering cheaters? It seems to be all too common. I am sure you have noticed if this is affecting you in a personal way.

If you have a problem with a cheating spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend this site links to a  tool that will provide you the information to solve your mystery. You can Trace a Number within minutes with Phone Detective. When you employ the assistance of a reputable company you will get accurate data within minutes.

Type the number in one of the search boxes and click search

There are some big differences in the various services provided online to Trace a Number. You will find three major types. The first type is, of course, the ripoff sites. They lure you in with promises that you can trace a number free. I did a lot of looking on the web – and I’m talking days – and did Not find any site that actually did a phone number trace for cell numbers. Yeah, I am that stubborn. I do not understand the mentality of website owners lying to get you to their site. Secondly, there are the outdated, inaccurate info services that useTrace a Number old data and try and come across as reputable when all they are providing is useless, junk info. They might lure you in with low cost offers or free teasers that are as useless as the data on their servers. You must remember that cell phone numbers are changing all the time. So, the data needs frequent updating. The third type of service – and the one you are looking for – is a quality company with an established track record and an up-to-date database. This is what you want and why you are here. A report from this type of service will include the name, address, a map and the owners service status. Everything you need to trace a phone number and solve the case.

So, if you are going to trace a telephone number don’t waste as much time as I did. Will your suspected cheat be waiting around while you are searching for a non-existent  free service. Probably NOT! Before they are in someone elses arms you can have the info you need to bring the behavior into the light of day. You can use the free services linked on this page to check land lines but if you are going to trace a cell phone number go with a good company and be done with it. Why drag out the pain?

The advertising can be very compelling on the internet so be careful with what sites you work with. When you do try to Trace a number the site should have you type in the number, so that they can run a preliminary search. With this they can tell if the number is even in their database. If a site wants more than just a number for the first step – Look Out! So you have a lot of choices online and if you follow what I outline here you should be able to get the info you need in about three minutes. Good information is very valuable for whatever situation brings you here.

Trace a Number NOW!

Best Cellphone Lookup – Right HERE!

by Leiif ~ October 18th, 2009

  Reverse Cellphone Lookup

Do it Right – Do it NOW – Do it HERE!

Do you wish you had a Reverse CellPhone Lookup Directory available, so you could look up any number and find out who the caller is? Maybe you need a cell phone number lookup to check who has been called? Isn’t it annoying to get calls from numbers you don’t know? More and more annoying calls are making it to our phones from mobile phones as more people forgo even having land lines. Personally I like having a land line but not everyone does. Do you wish you could search cell phone numbers?

Well you can. You don’t have to be a private investigator to get it done either. Think FBI or the CIA or any other law enforcement agency. They use these types of services all the time, as do Private Investigators. Of course, they have even more data available to them but you can tap the same resources for your investigation. A cellphone lookup can be done quickly CELLPHONE LOOKUPfrom any internet-connected computer. Its like having have a reverse directory right at your keyboard so you can check cell phone listings instantly.

In fact, you can search cell phone numbers from anywhere you can connect to the internet, even your mobile telephone. If you have a number that needs to be checked out you can do it very easily and not waste a ton of time like I did when I needed this type of help.  You just go to the site of a cellphone lookup service, enter a number and moments later you are looking at the details of that number. The report gives the name, address and even a map. Telemarketers and other annoying callers have met their match. Find a cell phone number owner with a cell phone number lookup service. You can do it, its easy. Remember this will work for more than just mobiles. It works on all types of numbers.


Reverse CellPhone LookUp


Do a Cell Phone Trace – Catch a Cheater

by Leiif ~ October 18th, 2009

Do a Cell Phone Trace

Type the number in the box and CLICK SEARCH

Trace cell phone numbers  – Catch a Cheater

Cell Phone TraceYou want to do a free cell phone trace, right? Everyone does a search for that kind of service when they first try to trace cell phone calls. I really wished that I could have done some cell phone tracking for free. Alas, it was not to be.

O.K. you have a number that you keep finding on your spouses phone. You don't recognize it and you want to find out who it belongs to without alerting anyone. What can you do? Well, the next step that most people take is to search the internet. Everything is on the web, right? Trying to trace a phone number can get pretty confusing.

Unfortunately, at this time, there isn't a free way to catch your cheating spouse with cell phone tracking. There are some reasonably priced alternatives that will provide access to cell phone records in just a minute or two. This is not what most folks want to hear, the facts are not always comfortable. Reverse cell phone trace directories have to pay for the access to the databases owned by various sources so they pass that cost on to us.

Be sure to use a respected leader in the phone number trace field. There are usually two choices and if there is more than a couple of numbers you need to check the yearly plans are usually the better deal. If you need to Bust a cheater you need to use what resources are available and you DON'T need to waste any more time than necessary, on your SEARCH or the CHEATER.

Cell Phone Trace and Reverse Phone Lookup

What are the differences

Some people refer to Reverse Phone Lookup and Cell Phone Trace as the same type of service. That is what this page is referring to also. Others feel the term Trace means the same as Cell Phone Tracking. In that case you want a service that can actually follow a persons whereabouts by the location of their mobile phone. This type of cell phone trace software is not what I am talking about here. I will write in the future on that subject. What I am talking about here is a service to take the cell phone records on a phone and plug those numbers into a database and see if you can locate the name, address, and other information on the owner of that number.

Type The Number in the Box and CLICK SEARCH – CHECK IT OUT

Best site to Trace a Number

by Leiif ~ October 18th, 2009


Best Site to Trace a Number


You can trace a number and find the owner with a reverse cellphone lookup. When dealing with a reputable company like the one we recommend here, figuring out how to trace a phone number is easy. The Phone Detective service will let you know if they have any information on the number after you simply type in the cell phone number you want to lookup. After that you can Trace a Number Nowdecide if you would like to view a more thorough trace a telephone number report for a small one time fee. There is also the choice of choosing an unlimited 1 year plan that will allow you to trace a number on as many phone cell numbers as you wish.

Do you need information on a suspected cheater or a harassing caller? So you would like to trace a number and know who has been calling your spouse or who continually keeps calling your mobile phone or land line, or perhaps who has been calling your children. Maybe you need information on who they have been calling. Do you need a cell phone owner’s name and address?

The best way to get this information is right here. Your mobile phone providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. will not share this information with you and there are still no trace a number free service that have the resources like Phone Detective. So if you want to find out who it is that has been calling you, your kids, or your spouse, RIGHT HERE is your best option. So to trace a telephone number.



in the search box and


How to Search Cell Phone Numbers

by Leiif ~ October 18th, 2009

Search Cell Phone Numbers Easily

Telephone directories used to be used by everyone and it was a simple matter to find a listing. It was a printed tome full of home and business numbers. You also used to have dial in services with live support (you remember that don’t you, where you talked to a real person that lived in the same country). We all knew where to turn to get the numbers we needed. However, cell and mobile numbers are not so easy to track down. Now a computer user can search cell phone numbers by number. They can search cell phone numbersalso do a reverse cell phone number search. After entering a mobile number one can discover who the account belongs to in a matter of seconds.

Currently there is no one creating a way to search cell phone numbers free with a large database. It would destroy the privacy of consumers using mobile devices and it costs money and time to create the databases. Anyone can do a  cell search using Phone Detective. If you have important reasons for finding the name of a cell owner this is the best of the many options to do a people search by cell phone number.

Something to understand with mobile phones is that the listings are not part of public domain information. One of the reasons for this is the privacy of the account holders. Another major difference between cellular phones and landlines is that landlines only charge account holders for outgoing calls, there is a great deal more protection offered to mobile users because of the increased charges they would face if their number was easily accessible. Knowing how to search cell phone numbers has never been easier. You can find all the information you need quickly. You will get the name, address and a map of the owner.

This is the Place to Search Cell Phone Numbers


Reverse Telephone Look Up to get answers

by Leiif ~ October 18th, 2009

You need answers NOW!

Type in the number and CLICK SEARCH

Reverse Telephone Look Up


Using a reverse phone number look up is really simple. You can catch a cheater with proper knowledge. Reverse telephone number look up companies have been working on making these systems viable for several years now. The wait is over. The cellular service providers have tried to keep this away from the public but it couldn’t be suppressed any longer. You can get access to the same type of information Private Investigators have been using for years. Some reverse telephone  look up companies have put togeth

Reverse Telephone Look Up

er massive databases of over 91% of all cellular listings. Really, the only ones that are still a bit hidden are the pay as you go, a.k.a. prepaid, plans. I have a Tracfone and when you sign up for those you could put bogus info and no one would know.

Here is the scenario. As you were looking through your partners cell phone records you come across a number that shows up repeatedly. Then you notice they are home late or just not the same with you as they were weeks ago. They seem jumpy when you see them on the phone. It is enough to make anyone suspicious. Maybe you even asked who the phone number belongs to and their answer seemed less than genuine.

So now what do you do? Ignoring the situation won’t make it go away. Being direct did not work either. Well, if you have the number you can do a reverse telephone look up. Knowledge is power and you could use some of both at a time like this. By using a reverse telephone directory lookup you can easily find someones cell phone number. You don’t need to hire a private investigator either. It can be done in minutes from your computer or cell phone. Just don’t abuse the service because you get a lot of info from these services. And there isn’t a true reverse telephone look up that actually isn’t just a front for a paid service. I know I looked and wasted 2 days. I am being upfront here and won’t tell you that its free. I will say that if you are making more than $1.20 an hour you shouldn’t waste a bunch of time on the internet hunting for such. Its just not worth it and you have a case to crack.

Reverse Telephone Look Up via Phone Detective

It gets my highest recommendation